This term, we are throwing back to our 2023 ASME Summer School Sessions run by Orff Masters, Eboney Yapp and Andy Stewart. Eboney and Andy have been heavily involved in the State and National levels of Orff-Schulwerk for many years and have a very passionate understanding of the value and growth that Orff can provide for both students and music educators.
This past summer, Eboney and Andy ran a session each at the annual ASME Summer School to give participants a thorough understanding of the joy, creativity and hands-on interaction that Orff brings to every classroom. 
The notes to Eboney’s session titled “Guided Listening – An Orff Approach” can be found at this link below.
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Eboney Yapp ASME SS 2023 Orff Presentation

The notes to Andy’s session titled “Exploring Orff through Movement” can be found at this link below.
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Asme Summer School 23 ANDY STEWART NOTES

Many thanks to both Eboney and Andy for their ongoing and continuous work for our WAOSA committee. Their drive and inspiration to share their knowledge of Orff-Schulwerk with other music educators in our local and wider networks is absolutely wonderful. 
If you would like to know more, please check out our events page as we are running some incredible PL these holidays including all Levels 1-4 with Robyn Stavely, Carol Richards, Jackie Ewers, Susie Davies-Splitter, Eboney Yapp and Kailee Marshall.
Carol and Robyn will also be running a special Richard Gill “Connections” course for the first time ever, discussing the past, present and future connections of Orff-Schulwerk. Don’t miss out!
For more information or registrations, click below.

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