Thank you, Jane Nicholas, for sharing this wonderful movement-based music game with us to celebrate NAIDOC week. We also acknowledge and thank Sharron Mirli Bell for sharing her beautiful voice and language. Click on image below “Walking on Country” is a gentle, calm game for students to listen to, follow the beat and explore […]

Congratulations to one of our WAOSA committee members, Jane Nicholas, for being part of this amazing project for NAIDOC week. This year’s NAIDOC theme for celebration is…“Always was, always will be.” Jane was involved with the YWCA Canberra Clubhouse in helping to create this incredible collaboration and celebration of First Nations People. This project, “Nidja […]

  We hope you have all survived this crazy term leading into Winter 2020. To help you with your planning for the upcoming winter months in music, here are some “orff-ily” gorgeous chants and songs as inspiration. Click on the song titles below for more information.   Windshield Wiper finger play Suitable for K-2   […]

  As Term 2 is about to commence, we understand that a lot of music specialists may be feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or confused. The committee members would like to share a special message with you all. Please make sure you are taking time to look after yourself as well. Please click below to hear our […]

Thanks Kailee for sharing these great podcasts for students and teachers! You can listen to podcasts for free via the a podcast app on your device (some examples are shown below) or you can even go to some of the website links and listen online. This could be something you suggest students do once a […]

What better way to get children looking for musical things at home than to set up a Scavenger Hunt for them! Thanks Ash Bisdee for starting us off with her worksheet below:   Sound Scavenger Hunt by Ash Bisdee JPEG version: Right click image below and ‘Save Image As’. PDF version: CLICK HERE   K-2 […]

Thanks Ash Bisdee for sourcing the following worksheets/pictures and thank you to the Professional Development Services for Teachers (Ireland) for giving us permission to use them!   It’s a great little resource and gives teachers a quick idea for a lesson with limited space and no instruments.   General Body Percussion Activities   Year 1 […]

With a huge demand for teachers to prepare for distance/digital/online education, many amazing resources have been shared. We’ve tried to compile some great websites here. We’d like to acknowledge that some of these are websites we have been using for a number of years and some have been shared in the recent days by Music […]

A Hands Off Activity – By Elizabeth Campbell   Watch Kalani’s ‘Pieces of 8’ video   2. Everybody chooses a number between 1-8 and plays on that beat. Keep going until the group gets the ‘groove’. Kalani uses instruments, but you could start with a clap, then vary it with body percussion and vocal sounds. […]

With some schools asking music teachers to reduce or stop singing, here are some non-singing activities! Thanks Kailee Marshall for writing and providing these.   Body Percussion Activity Acknowledgment to Keith Terry (USA) and Helen Wilson (Australia – WA) This is a body percussion activity using 3, 5, 7, and 9 moving logically down the […]

Here’s a fantastic website, created by a Orff Music Specialist named Aimee. On her blog she’s compiled a huge amount of ideas, books and resources she uses as well as referencing other teachers and videos from around the world. Definitely a website to delve into if you’re looking for inspiration for your classroom. Her latest […]

Have you come across this channel yet? This channel has a HUGE amount of videos for interactive learning of repertoire or play-along sequences for the ukulele, recorder and body percussion. The ukulele videos even have a section at the beginning to guide teachers and students to tune together and clear visual and aural cues to […]

For something a little bit different, here’s a video review of Kaboom Percussions digital resource: Pop Song Play-Alongs. You can purchase it for $30 here: Don’t forget that you can also get Cat and Josh (aka Kaboom Percussion) to come to your school for an incursion too! Check out the video below and their […]

So, a few things are yet to be confirmed but here’s the plan so far: One Voice – 21 March 2020 A joint PD with presenters from ANCA, Dalcroze Australia, Kodály WA and WAOSA . What a better way to get well rounded repertoire for your classroom or to find out all about these different […]

Click on the image below to access the MusicWorks 2019.

Editor’s Message: Thank you so much Jane Nicholas for sharing and elaborating on the workshop you presented at this year’s ASME WA Summer School. We hope you find her ideas useful!   Exploration of the Orff Schulwerk Approach Jane Nicholas for ASME WA Summer School January 2020   1.Speech To Rhythm Here is a speech […]

Editor’s Notes: Thanks so much Kailee for sharing this excerpt from her ASME SS 2020 Presentation.   ASME Summer School 2020 – EXCERPT Experiences in Music and Movement with Orff by Kailee Marshall   Welcome Song: Wanjoo My Friend Process: Whole song method to teach ‘Wanjoo My Friend’ Add clap on “friend” Transfer last two claps […]

The ASME Summer School on the 20th and 21st January 2020 was a great success! It was fantastic to see presenters of Orff, Kodaly, Dalcroze, ANCA, ABODA and more. The underlying message was for teachers to learn from the educators before us, stand on the foundations they have laid out and ‘Take Wings and Fly’. […]

Need to find some new repertoire for your classroom without breaking the bank? Have you tried Beth’s Notes? This amazing website includes a huge amount of repertoire and gives suggestions on how you can go about teaching these songs. You can pay for membership to access more in depth planning ideas too. Beth’s Notes: […]

Overview of the Year WAOSA has had an exciting year, beginning with our Back to Basics professional development day in March. Catering for both the primary and secondary settings, the day offered an insight into the ANCOS Levels course and the array of activities and pedagogical processes used. The main presenter, Peta Harper (NSW) delighted […]

The Glad Tomorrow The title of Katie Noonans recent tour ‘The Glad Tomorrow’ is taken from the final line of a poem ‘A Song Of Hope’ by acclaimed Aboriginal writer Oodgeroo Noonuccal. This poem and nine others by Oodgeroo were the inspiration of a song cycle commissioned by brilliant vocalist and musical director Katie Noonan. […]

The 2020 Orff Conference was held in Melbourne from the 6th – 9th January. A huge congratulations to the VOSA committee who organised such a wonderful conference. A mention should also go to our committee members Jane Nicholas and Kailee Marshall for presenting at the conference. You can see highlights from the conference on ANCOS’ […]

  Looking for a new dance to teach to your class? The Circle Waltz Mixer is great for teaching sequences, formations, moving to the beat and is different to the typical line or circle dances you may have already taught. For the original source of the video and explanation, CLICK HERE.

Music and Place Belong Together By: Dr. Kumara Ward Lecturer in Curriculum and Pedagogy University of Western Sydney Music is part of every society. The seemingly infinite genres of music are testament to the societal, cultural and geographical influences on humans. My intention in this contribution is to highlight the way in which the local […]

The Singing Game by Barry Hart Reviewed by Helen Wilson Review featured in June 2016 Orff West. This review is in the format of an image. You can zoom in by clicking the image above to access the PDF version.

So there’s Kodaly, there’s Dalcroze, but you’re on the Orff page right now, so what is Orff? The best way to understand what Orff is, is to attend one of our PD’s. From one of these, you’ll notice that Orff is a hands on, engaging way of teaching music. To FULLY understand that Orff PROCESS […]