Happy Harmony Day to all of our WAOSA Members.

We hope you are enjoying celebrating Harmony Day with some amazing music from all around the world.

This year, I created the following tasks for my Year 2, 3 and 4 students aimed at composition, notation and performance to a piece of music from around the world.

These tasks are also great for assessing students’ ability to create new ideas and their understanding of beat, rhythm, notation and performance.



Mairi’s Wedding (Scotland)

Composition & Movement

Students worked in partners to compose their own 16 beats of movement to perform during the verses of this beautiful Scottish song.

Step we gaily on we go (step forward, step back)
Heel for heel and toe for toe (Heel heel toe toe – same foot)
Arm and arm and row on row (cross arm to shoulder, cross other arm, hip hip)
Off to Mairi’s Wedding (march for 4 beats)
Student composition for 16 beats


Mairi’s Wedding by The Willoughby Brothers





E PAPA (New Zealand)

Composition, Notation & Instrumentation

Students created 2 contrasting patterns to match the 3/4 beat of the song E Papa.

Students then performed their rhythm patterns using tapping sticks or drumsticks.

Y3 NZ stick rhythms composition sheet (click here)






Body percussion, rhythmic & melodic ostinati

Students create 2 their own 8 beat body percussion sequence, rhythmic ostinato and melodic ostinato to match KOKOLEOKO,

a traditional song from Ghana.


Y4 Kokleoko Compoition Sheet (click here)