ANCOS Level Courses 1 to 4


ANCOS Level Courses 1 – 4

3rd July – 7th July 2023

Teacher training in the Orff approach is organised into four levels and in 2023, WAOSA will be offering Levels 1 – 4!

The intent of Level Courses is to provide training in the history, pedagogy, media, repertoire, techniques, and teaching strategies that make up the Orff approach to music and movement education.

For information on this year’s Courses, see below.

For further information about the Level Courses and what they entail, CLICK HERE.

2023 Registration Details

Date: Monday, 3rd July 2023 – Friday, 7th July 2023

Time: Timetable to be confirmed. Each day includes 7.5hrs of coursework, plus breaks.

Venue: Victoria Park Primary School, WESTERN AUSTRALIA

Presenters: Dr Carol Richards, Dr Robyn Staveley, Susie Davies-Splitter, Jackie Ewers, Kailee Marshall & Eboney Yapp

Catering: This year, we will only provide catering to those who pick and pay for this option. Catering will add an extra $150 to the registration price and will include morning tea and lunch.

Level: Please note that you can only complete one Level at a time. If you haven’t completed any ANCOS Level Courses before, you will need to enrol in Level 1. We do not allow people to enrol in a Level unless they have completed all prior Levels.

Please Bring:

  • Wear comfortable clothes suitable for movement activities
  • Level 1 – Soprano/descant recorder
  • Level 2 – Soprano/descant & alto/treble recorder
  • Level 3 – Soprano/descant, alto/treble recorder, plus any tenor or bass recorder you have available to you (TBC)
  • Level 4 – Soprano/descant, alto/treble recorder, plus any tenor or bass recorder you have available to you (TBC)
  • Course materials will be required. Information regarding this will be included in the participant’s letter.
    •  We recommend bringing copies of the relevant volumes of “Music for Children” by Orff/Keetman (TBC)
      • Level 1 – Volume 1
      • Level 2 – Volume 2
      • Level 3 – Volume 3
      • Level 4 – Volume 4

Cost per Level: 

  • Non-Member*: $1,000
  • Member: $900
  • Student: $650
  • Optional catering add-on: $150

*Non-Member price includes WAOSA membership from the payment date until the 31st December 2023. For more information on WAOSA Membership, CLICK HERE.


Susie Davies-Splitter

Susie is a music and movement educator, award winning composer and an ANCOS (Australian National Council of Orff Schulwerk) accredited trainer who leads regular Orff training in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China. She is also twice past president of the Victorian Orff Schulwerk Association (VOSA).

This year, she has begun a new music position at Le Page Primary School as well as continuing to be a mentor with the National Music Teacher Mentoring Program and the Song Room.

Susie has co-developed the very popular and award-winning Welcome to Music Series, which is enjoyed extensively by teachers, parents and children of all ages throughout Australia and around the world. You can find out more information about Welcome to Music by clicking HERE.


Dr Robyn Staveley

Robyn has been involved in music education for over forty years as a classroom teacher (K-12) and academic. She currently has an honorary appointment at the University of Technology Sydney where she was formerly a Senior Lecturer in Music, Movement and Dance, and Educational Psychology. Robyn is well known throughout Australia and internationally as a presenter of teacher training courses (Orff Schulwerk Levels) and workshops, and has written educational resources, materials, journal articles and book chapters. Robyn is a past president of her state Orff Schulwerk organization and has been a member of the national executive (ANCOS). Having completed a PhD on embedding embodiment and cognitive neuroscience in music pedagogy, Robyn now presents workshops and courses in Neuropedagogy in Music.


Carol Richards

For over 50 years Carol has been involved in many aspects of Orff Schulwerk – in her teaching and in her professional development work.  She studied at Ball State University with Arnold Burkhardt, a pioneer in the Carl Orff movement in the United States in the late 1960’s.  In the 1980’s, she attended the English course at the Orff Institute (a semester), completed a Graduate Diploma in Dance at Melbourne University and attended Level 3 at St Thomas with Jane Frazee.

She used the Orff approach in her teaching at Richmond Girls High, then Monbulk High school before becoming a music consultant for schools in the region.  More recently she has worked with  young children in China at the Minimaestros studio in Shanghai.  She believes that professional development teaching is enriched by continuing to work with students.
In the period from 1980 to the present she has given hundreds of workshops and level courses.  She wrote the Guidelines for the Australian National Council of Orff Schulwerk Level Courses, trained the presenters, and acted as Chair of that committee for 20 years.

She believes her strength in Orff Schulwerk is in the area of Pedagogy – being able to find creative and musical ways to achieve learning and engagement.

Jackie Ewers

Jackie is one of the founding members of the WAOSA committee. In those early years, Jackie coordinated the writing of the WAOSA constitution, organized the WAOSA seal, wrote policies, ran workshops, liaised with presenters and supporters from Australia and round the world to make sure WAOSA would be a viable organization in Western Australia. WAOSA was able to provide a platform of support for teachers to improve their skills with the use of the Schulwerk in the classroom.

Together with the WAOSA committee, she made sure WAOSA had Level Courses, as was the case in other States of Australia.  Jackie taught Recorder and Vocal in the first Level Courses.  In 2000 Jackie convened the very first Orff Conference in WA, ELEVANCOS – Our Heart, Our Hope, Our Heritage with the three major presenters being Richard Gill, Ulrike Yungmair and Teruko Yaginuma.

Jackie has also served as ANCOS president and has two happily married sons and five grandchildren.

Teaching music in primary school and always seeking ways to improve her skills has been Jackie’s great passion. She is still in the classroom and considers herself incredibly lucky to be teaching music to children.

She is very much looking forward to working with Carol, Robyn and Susie: colleagues who supported WAOSA so much in those early years….and is excited to be working with new presenters. What fun to be making music together again. 🎶🎶


Kailee Marshall

Kailee Marshall

Passionate music educator, dedicated teacher, and avid audiobook listener. Kailee is a motivated music educator teaching in Perth, Western Australia. Kailee currently teaches full-time at a public primary school and directs a classroom Music program, Pre-primary Music program, two choirs, instrumental program and school band. As if the little students don’t keep her busy enough, she has recently started teaching the big students at The University of Notre Dame’s Fremantle campus.

Kailee was first exposed to the Orff Schulwerk approach during her university studies, and has been hooked ever since. Kailee has completed her Orff Level 4, and was fortunate enough to travel on a scholarship through the Public Education Foundation to Salzburg, to attend the Summer Course in 2019. It was an experience that she will remember as having felt like returning home to the mothership! Kailee has been involved with WAOSA since 2012 and has served various roles while on the committee. The Orff approach helps Kailee strive for continuous improvement in her pedagogy and she is constantly amazed by how this approach allows her students to express themselves creatively in a way that is inspiring and energising.


Eboney Yapp

Eboney Yapp has been the Coordinator of Preparatory School Music at Christ Church Grammar School since 2018. As an activeparticipator in the Orff-Schulwerk movement in Australia, Eboney is currently the Vice President of the West Australian Orff-Schulwerk Association (WAOSA), on the Australian National Council for Orff-Schulwerk (ANCOS) and presents at local workshops and Levels courses. She believes all students should have an engaging and holistic Music education which inspires students to develop a life-long love of listening to, participating in and creating music. In her spare time, she sings in Consort Cantare, a female vocal group comprising of six music teachers.


To register for Levels, CLICK HERE.


***WAOSA is committed to keeping you safe. To receive the accreditation for the course, you MUST complete all 5 days. For the health and safety of all participants, if you are unwell, please contact us at  Masks and hand sanitizer will be provided on the day.