A Hands Off Activity by Elizabeth Campbell

A Hands Off Activity – By Elizabeth Campbell


  1. Watch Kalani’s ‘Pieces of 8’ video


2. Everybody chooses a number between 1-8 and plays on that beat. Keep going until the group gets the ‘groove’. Kalani uses instruments, but you could start with a clap, then vary it with body percussion and vocal sounds.


3. As a challenge

– make your sound on two numbers

– instead of the beat, put a rhythm onto your number


4. In groups, create your own Pieces of 8 performance. You will need to have a very strong sense of the beat to get a groove going. It might be easier to count out loud until everyone in the group feels confident. Don’t forget to leave some numbers as rests. That’s what makes it interesting. Perform for the class.


Kalani – A Tangent by Natalie Tran

On a tangent from Elizabeth’s activity above, Kalani is a fantastic percussion and music therapist educator. He has a Youtube channel called ‘World Drum Club’ that has informative videos about percussion instruments from around the world and how to play them. You can access his channel HERE.

On the topic of COVID-19 and keep clean, did you know that you can use hand santizer on natural drum skins to clean them? Who would have thunk. Stay healthy and clean everyone!