BOOM Whacky Wednesday!
At our last network meeting in 2022, we explored the whackiness and fun of Boomwhackers with Amanda Johnston and Ash Bisdee.
We sang, played, tapped, banged, moved, explored, laughed and chanted our hearts out with the immense and colourful fun with all that Boomwhackers have to offer. Many thanks to all of our members and non-members who attended.
To access a copy of the Powerpoint notes, click here, clap and say “BOOM!”  
(See below for videos)…
Many thanks to Silvana F and Illawarra Primary for hosting us for the afternoon and loaning us your instruments! 

VIDEO 1: “Boom Sits the Cat 

VIDEO 2: The Ukrainian Stick Dance 

(Source: Youtube)

VIDEO 3: “There Was a Man”

VIDEO 4: “Ring Ting”