It is an absolute honour to acknowledge and thank Eboney Yapp for her dedication and the generosity that she has shown to WAOSA over the past four years as President of WAOSA. She has volunteered countless hours of her time to this role.
Eboney works tirelessly to go above and beyond to build the profile of Orff Sculwerk in Western Australia and has been a driving force advocating for Music Education and the Schulwerk at the highest level. She has represented WAOSA both nationally and internationally through a variety of platforms.
Eboney is well renowned for her professionalism and passion and has an incredible reputation as a captivating presenter amongst all musical networks. As president, Eboney has led WAOSA though some very chaotic and uncertain times with grace and ease. The committee is ever grateful for her leadership.
We thank Eboney for her generosity with her time and for her years of dedication and service to WAOSA and Music Education. Eboney will be continuing her work with WAOSA as vice-president in 2022 as we warmly welcome Kailee Marshall as our new president.