We hope you have all survived this crazy term leading into Winter 2020.
To help you with your planning for the upcoming winter months in music, here are some “orff-ily” gorgeous chants and songs as inspiration.
Click on the song titles below for more information.


Windshield Wiper finger play

Suitable for K-2



Rain Rain Go Away (beat chart)

Suitable for K-3

D major arrangement by L. Sempsey

Tuned percussion accompaniment – F & C



Dripsy Dropsy

© by Leanne Guenther

Suitable for K-2



Kind Old Winter

Aflat major arrangement by Miessner

Suitable for Years 3-6

Tuned percussion accompaniment – F & C




D Major arrangement by A. Bourne

Suitable for Years 1-4

Easy to sing as a 2 part round

Tuned percussion accompaniment – D F# A



The Rain Song

One Big Voice arrangement & body percussion canon

Suitable for all ages



Body Percussion arrangement

Suitable for all ages