Fantastic Interactive Music Websites & Facebook Groups/Pages

With a huge demand for teachers to prepare for distance/digital/online education, many amazing resources have been shared. We’ve tried to compile some great websites here. We’d like to acknowledge that some of these are websites we have been using for a number of years and some have been shared in the recent days by Music Educators in the same position as we are.



This is an online game, similar to the well known Staff Wars App which helps students reinforce note names.




Students LOVE Incredibox. It’s a great way to teach ostinati and allow students to explore different sounds in a visual, fun and contemporary way. You can purchase the app for iPad for a small amount or try free on laptops/desktops. Be aware the online version can take a little while to load up each scenario.

Link to the free online demo version:

This website has a number of interactive games for students to play that enhance their rhythm and note reading abilities. This website had some really structured lessons based on songs and musical elements. Make sure to check it out!



Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra – Carnegie Hall

A fantastic game web based game that takes students through the instruments of the orchestra using Benjamin Britten’s ‘Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra’. This game requires Adobe Flash to be enabled.



Chrome Music Lab

A colourful website that allows students to play with sound, create loops and explore melody and rhythm in a visual, systematic way. This website has a number of different functions to play with. Muck around with this site and have an idea what you would like them to explore prior to sending your students on their merry way with this one.



Mused Lab – NYU Music Experience Designs

This website has a few different games/activities for students to explore music. ‘Groove Pizza’ allows students to create loops and grooves through shapes. ‘Aqwertyon’ allows students to listen and watch a video of a chosen contemporary song and turns the keyboard into playable notes for students to explore improvising over the top of the track.



Massed Choir Festival – Music Resources Page

If you can’t find anything here, definitely check out the below page which is also compiled by music teachers who are part of the Massed Choir Festival Committee and Festival Schools. Thank you Mary-Anne Goyder and the Committee for compiling and constantly updating the website!



Musica Viva – Teacher Resources Page

Similar to the MCF page above, here is Musica Viva’s teacher resource page! Thanks Musica Viva team!



Cornerstone Confessions – The Ultimate List of Online Music Education Games

We wanted to make a list… my goodness – check out THIS list of ‘The Ultimate List of Online Music Education Games’


A website with tips and ideas on how to run your music program from home.



Amy M Burns – Elementary Music Technology

Want to know how to set up a ‘See Saw’ class? Looking to incorporate ICT in your assessment and music program? Amy M Burns’ website has a number of detailed webinars to get you through!


Tips for Online Teaching

Although written from the standpoint of making money from online music lessons, this website lists some helpful tips on how to successfully teach online.


Facebook Groups to Join/Pages to Like

Here are some Facebook Pages that we love. We are based in Perth, Western Australia and so some of these pages are more local than others. Not all of them are Orff specific. If you’re not on these yet, request to join or give them a like!

  • West Australian Orff Schulwerk Association [of course we’re going to advertise ourselves 😉 ] – LINK HERE
  • ASME Remote Music Teaching Resources (Primary), [Private group] – LINK HERE
  • ASME Remote Music Teaching Resources (Secondary), [Private group] LINK HERE
  • Music Educators Creating Online Learning – LINK HERE
  • Music Teachers in Perth – LINK HERE
  • Music Teachers of WA – LINK HERE
  • NYCOS Creative Learning – LINK HERE
  • David Row at Make Moments Matter – LINK HERE
  • Emerging Music Teachers Network – LINK HERE
  • Australian Classroom Music Teachers – LINK HERE
  • E-Learning in Music Education (American based but lots of great ideas). – LINK HERE