Katherine’s Rundown on REMIX 2023!

At the beginning of this year, Katherine Anson flew across to Glenelg, Adelaide with a ‘Orffully’ good bunch of musical colleagues, all keen to sink their teeth into a week-long conference of singing, saying, moving, dancing and playing together in the Orffy way.

Katherine was the lucky recipient of a small travel scholarship to Adelaide, funded by WAOSA and we thank her very much for her contributions to helping us launch the next National ANCOS conference which will be held in Perth 2025, named “Pinnacle.” 

Please read Katherine’s amazing write-up and check out her awesome collection of pics about her time in R-Adelaide! 🎶     

National Orff Conference 2023


On behalf of the WAOSA team, we would like to extend our gratitude to Michael A, Michael Mc, the OSASA committee and REMIX team who ran an incredible conference. It definitely was a week full of highs and incredible connections as Katherine has described above. We will always remember our week in beautiful Glenelg!

If you are interested in registering for Pinnacle 2025 in Perth, please click here: PINNACLE