Scavenger Hunts!

What better way to get children looking for musical things at home than to set up a Scavenger Hunt for them! Thanks Ash Bisdee for starting us off with her worksheet below:


Sound Scavenger Hunt by Ash Bisdee

JPEG version: Right click image below and ‘Save Image As’.



K-2 Music Scavenger Hunt – Alison Meyer

Credit for this one goes to Alison Meyer who posted this on the 23 March 2020 to the E-Learning in Music Education FaceBook group. Thanks for sharing and giving everyone permission to use this Alison. She has also give everyone permission to adapt this in any way.



Shake, Hit and Rub Hunt

Here’s something similar shared by Heather Worling also on the E-Learning in Music Education Facebook Page. Heather posted this on the 18th March 2020.


Virtual Instrument Museum Scavenger Hunt

This next one is a really cool concept shared by Kevin Kraus on the Music Educators Creating Online Learning FaceBook Page on the 23 March 2020. Thanks for sharing and giving us permission to use this Kevin!

Clicking the link below will take you to the Google Map location of the Musical Instruments Museum in Phoenix, USA. You can use your mouse to click and take you around the virtual museum. Unfortunately, you can zoom in really close to see the explanations of each instrument, but you can move around to see instruments from the different continents and countries.

Google Map Link: CLICK HERE

From this virtual tour, you can ask questions along the lines of:

  1. What country does the ukulele come from?
  2. Name three instruments you would find in the String Band/Marching Band/Jazz Era/etc.
  3. Adolphe Sax was the creator of the saxophone. Find the display dedicated to him and the saxophone. Draw your favourite saxophone that you can see in this display.

Kevin’s worksheet looks like this:


In Video Musical Elements Hunt

Here is a great idea that Julia Weinstein posted on the 25/3/2020 on the Music Educators Creating Online Learning FaceBook Group. Thanks for sharing Julia!

Just got an idea to post a video scavenger hunt as an assignment. It could work in almost any music class, but especially for ensemble classes.

Post a video of an ensemble performing a specified work and ask students to submit timestamps for certain specified musical moments (i.e. write the time in minutes and seconds any time that the trumpet player has a solo, the band plays pp, the orchestra plays homophonic rhythms, etc.). This can be simple or complex depending on what you ask them to listen for. It will ensure students are actually watching and listening to videos that you post and practicing vocabulary. 


Teachers Pay Teachers  – Scavenger Hunt Bundle by Little Music Room

Lastly, here’s a set all done for you by Little Music Room which costs $18 via Teachers Pay Teachers. If you don’t want to spend this much or only want one for a certain year group, you can purchase them individually for $2.

You can access it here: