Annual Orff West 2019

Overview of the Year

WAOSA has had an exciting year, beginning with our Back to Basics professional development day in March. Catering for both the primary and secondary settings, the day offered an insight into the ANCOS Levels course and the array of activities and pedagogical processes used. The main presenter, Peta Harper (NSW) delighted participants with her sessions exploring multi-metric jazz pieces through movement, speech and body percussion.

Our north network meeting Folk Dances From Around the World presented by Andy Stewart was well attended. Participants enjoyed learning a variety of dances from Gary and Carol King and Andre Van De Plaas, as well as a number of parachute manoeuvres to keep our students engaged while exploring tempo, beat, form and phrasing.

The annual ANCOS Levels Course was back in 2019 after a short break the year before. We were fortunate enough to have 33 Level 1 participants and 6 Level 2 participants at Notre Dame University during the July holidays. Levels participants sang, danced and played their way through the vocal, movement, improvisation and technique, pedagogy, orchestration and recorder units with gusto and enthusiasm. A big thank you to our Levels presenters Sue Bal-Short, Mary Walton, Anette Kerkovius and Helen Wilson.

The south network meeting Recorder in the Classroom was another opportunity for teachers to mingle and get to know each other. Mary Walton presented an artistic activity involving movement with a ping pong ball and improvisation on the recorder, and ended with Christmas carols played by the recorder ensemble.

As 2019 draws to a close, I would like to thank everyone who attend an Orff PD in 2019. To devote time after school, on the weekend and on the holidays to continue the journey of life-long learning through the Orff approach is admired by all. I would also like to thank the dedicated and passionate WAOSA committee members for their hard work, guidance and assistance at our PDs and meetings. Our events would not have been possible without a committed team.

Have a safe and happy holiday!


Eboney Yapp